Pure Water Meter

Product #: SS-850038


Useful in industrial water testing sophisticated features at a reasonable price Measures conductivity (in a wide range of 0.1 uS ~ 199 mS), salinity, TDS (total dissolved solids), and temperature. Determine water purity in boilers, coolers, water conditioning, waste water, photography, environmental testing, aquariums, labs, industrial and quality control. The large LCD shows conductivity, TDS or salinity in large digits with time, date, and temperature (in °C or °F) shown simultaneously on the lower display. Scroll 99 data points directly on the LCD with time stamps, min/max and average readings. Also features hold, manual or auto range, and ATC (automatic temperature compensation). Comes in a hard carrying case complete with built in USB and IRDA ports, detachable probe with 3½' cord, and 4 AAA batteries. Dimensions: 6¾" × 2¾" × 1¼" (171 × 70 × 32 mm) Weight: 6.5 oz (185 g)

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Price: $282.60

Price: $282.60

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